Welcome Home.

Since my mother is determined to ruin my life, and was using my other blog as a form of torture by posting long ridiculous comments trying to tell the world what an "awful", "mentally disturbed" and just all around fucked up person I am, I have chosen to ditch Le Petit Owlet and start fresh. It's pretty sad actually, I have to block my mother on myspace, have my husband block my mother on myspace so she doesn't send him anymore messages filled with lies about me, start a new blog, and file harassment charges.

But here I am, shiny and new! And my mother can't find this blog because it's not in her computers history, my last one got there when I made the mistake of going to it at her house, before she kicked me out.

With all that said and done. Hello!

I came across this interesting website, http://cosmeticdatabase.com - you can search for all the products that you use to see how harmful they actually are towards you. I got a book from the library today called Growing Up Green and that's where I found the link. The book is extremely interesting and informative so far. There are a lot of chemicals in our every day life that have serious affects on us, our babies inside of us, and our children. Jason and I generally use all nontoxic and green cleaning supplies, and just everything in general, but the one place that is lacking nontoxic items is our bathroom. I think I'm going to be throwing out a lot of the stuff that's in there.

Something else I discovered recently was the many uses of white vinegar. I'm going to pick some up when we go grocery shopping tomorrow. It does everything from whiten grout, make paintbrushes all shiny and new, and remove labels, stickers and the gunk that goes with them. You can probably find me cleaning our bathroom floor with some vinegar and a toothbrush soon.

Friday = 22 weeks pregnant.

So far I have gained about 11 pounds. Really good! I'm also only gaining weight in my stomach (and boobs), which is pretty amazing.

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