Lazy update

If I was offered one day to not be pregnant right now I would gladly take it. I just want one freaking day of feeling normal and not having all this extra weight in front of me, and having energy and no pain. Ugh. I know, it's less than 12 weeks now, but this is going to be the longest almost 12 weeks of my life. I don't want the hormones, I don't want the back pain (oh the aching back pain, it hasn't been terrible the whole time, but last night I had to break out the heating pad), I don't want the fatigue that has come back - seriously, I wasn't even this tired in the 1st trimester. Maybe I was, but I don't remember being this tired. Everything they say about the 3rd trimester is correct. For me anyway. Third trimester = the longest trimester. God dammit!

Besides aches, pains, tiredness, and moodiness everything has just been whatever. I am at a stand still. I don't have the energy or desire to finish the nursery right now. I know it will come, and I have plenty of time to do it, there's not really much I have to do anyway. I don't want to clean the house anymore. I don't even want to get up to make myself food, it seems like too much work.

I was slacking on the ChaCha because I was so busy doing all sorts of other stuff, but I have caught up today, and I should be over $200 by pay day on the 15th. I packed up the boots that I sold on ebay and shipping them tomorrow, the sooner they get there the sooner paypal releases my funds since it's over $100.

I bought some black dye today, so I am going to dye some things that I have been meaning to dye. I will probably do it tomorrow.

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