I need a pedicure. The only reason I need a pedicure because it is now impossible for me to bend over to paint my toes without it being painful or severely uncomfortable. Impossible. I looked up pedicures in Austin and all the ones I found cost like $50! I guess I could go to some ghetto salon and get the real cheap one, that's all I need anyway. Nothing fancy, just scrape the dead skin off, file and paint. My nails, on the other hand, are fabulous. The last time I had nails this perfect they were fake.

I broke down and cried today. I cried because I don't know if I can handle this pubic symphisis dysfunction for 6 weeks. If anyone had told me about this problem before I had it I would have grossly underestimated what they meant by severe pain. Now I know, and it's not fun. I really feel like I need a wheelchair. When I woke up this morning I actually felt pretty ok, I wasn't too sore or anything. We went to my eye appointment, then we went to Eco-Wise and bought 2 rain barrels. Finally we went to Home Depot and when I got out of the car there it was almost impossible to walk. There was just so much pressure and I was very sore. So I slowly walked into the store (by slow I mean SLOW. I don't think you can even constitute my pace as a leisurley stroll anymore, I am slower than molasses these days, if I walk any fast I would probably crumble to the floor), went to the bathroom, then I was pretty much done, that was all I could handle. I waited for Jason in the rug department while he went and got all the things he needed. I came come, sat on the couch and I cried. I have never felt so helpless in my life. If I was working at this point I would have to stop. The only things that I can do to relieve this pain is sleep with a pillow between my legs (which I do and have done for a long time now), take baths (I have been doing this regularly also), apply heat or cold (I've been doing both), wear a support belt (I should probably do this more, but I wear mine sometimes, sometimes it's just not comfortable), rest (yup, do that too). I can go see a chiropractor, which I am planning on doing soon, we have to make an appointment, and we have to find somewhere with fairly reasonable rates. We also have to figure out when I can actually go since Jason will have to bring me. Ugh. It's just awful. I have sympathy for anyone who has ever dealt with this (and anyone who is dealing with this now).

That being said, bebe shower #2 tomorrow! So many people finally RSVP'd, it will be fun! I can't wait to see everyone and eat some delicious food and just hang out (while sitting in a chair of course). So far there are 34 adults, 13 kids, 4 maybes and 25 people who haven't responded (shakes fist at people who haven't responded).

After tomorrow we will be able to tie up the loose ends and buy a few more cloth diapers to start our stash off with, I am still trying to figure out how many we want to have. I guess it doesn't really matter. We have the all-natural newborn disposables to use for the first day or two and then we will switch to the cloth as soon as we get adjusted to home life (and the meconium is gone). Other than diapers there's not really much that we need. I think alot of baby "neccessities" are a bunch of bullshit and I will be saving my money. When you think about it all that baby really needs is some onesies, some diapers, your boobs and a place to sleep. I do want to buy a nice ring sling, but that can wait, I already have 2 that are great. One of them is the moby which I will use a lot, and another is a padded ring sling, but it's pretty small so I will need something bigger for when baby gets a little bigger. We will be focusing on deep cleaning the house and organizing so everything is uncluttered and free from anxiety (and piles). Not too hard, I have been doing little bits here and there and that's all adding up, so we can take an entire weekend when it's closer to the due date to finish it all up.

Ok, I am getting distracted by the internet right now.


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

I am sorry that you are in so much pain....only 40 days to go & then your LO will be here!! Hang in there & try to keep your chin up. Oh yeah & get the pedicure it will make you feel so much beter!

A Baby Peach said...

awww you're almost there! Sorry you're feeling crappy! What disposables did you buy? I am thinking we'll do the same thing for in the hospital and the first few days, but I want to go w/ something safe and eco friendly!

Sequoia Journey said...

I know a place that gives pretty good pedis for 20 bucks. I love them. Let me know if you want more info.Robin

le petit owlet said...

Mrs. Goodson: Thanks! I know, not that much longer. I think a pedicure will make me feel better too (and a chiro).

A baby peach: We got Tushies disposables. There was a sample pack open at the store that we got them at so we were able to feel them and look at them. They are great, you should check them out!

Robin: Yes!!! Fill me in! I told my husband that there's gotta be a place that does it for $20 and he didn't believe me. Now I can tell him there is!

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