Elijah and I are both sick, it's terrible. Elijah was first, he was really congested the other night and was gagging on his post nasal drip. I nursed him and then 5 minutes later he threw up all over himself and the bed and it was very mucousy. I changed the bed and suctioned out his nose a bit then fed him again and he managed to fall back asleep.
Yesterday I took him to the pediatrician because I was worried. He was still super congested and he was sleeping a LOT. We went in and he just has a cold. It's good to know it's nothing scary! I have been suctioning out his nose all the time so he can breathe while he's eating.
I started to feel sick yesterday and it got progressively worse. Now I am congested, my head hurts, throat hurts, and I am tired and cranky. Elijah and I have spent the greater part of today in bed.

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