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Recovery is going well. I am on day #5 right now. I was able to be really mobile all day and my pain was definitely lower on the pain scale, but then evening rolled around and my body made up for all that pain that I didn't have earlier and I had to go back to two pain pills from one. I am hopeful for tomorrow, it should only be getting better/easier from here.
I cheated and lifted Elijah up today a bit. It hurt! It's definitely going to take some time and practice to carry him around or wear him in the sling again.
My friend came by this evening to help me for a few hours until Jason got home from work. She's a nurse that does house calls and she changed the dressing on my drainage tube and told me that everything looked really good and is healing well. She even said she could come take the drainage tube out when it was time! This is great, it means I don't have to make an appointment and pay a co-pay somewhere just to have my tube removed, which takes all of 5 seconds.
I took a shower tonight, this first one since surgery. It was definitely a challenge, but having a clean body and clean hair after was definitely worth it.

Elijah is almost too big for his small Kiddopotamus swaddler, it's time to upgrade to the large soon! They have an organic cotton line of SwaddleMe blankets and they have them at Target for $16.99. I think I will go with that one next. The bamboo is really great, and super soft, but it's not organic, and the bamboo fabric gets really pilly from the velcro, hopefully the cotton ones will be a little more sturdy, but also still soft.

I also use the Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets, but the Kiddopotamus is great for late nights. It's easy to reach over and undo or tighten the little velcro tabs and not have to re-wrap. I use the Aden + Anais just as much as the SwaddleMe, and they are great for so many other uses too. Plus they are HUGE! We will use these blankets for a really long time. They also have some of these at Target, $29.99 for a 4-pack, which is a really great price.

Now that I own this domain I can work on creating an at home business! It still might be a while before I can actually start sewing again, and I want to do a lot more than just sew, but it's all mine! If anything I am just happy I can start creating graphics to use on Le Petit Owlet.

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