Survival of the holidays and what's to come

We've survived Elijah's first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Next up: New Year's. Last New Year's Eve I was pregnant and cranky. We had a party at our house, too many people for a pregnant and cranky lady! This year it's going to be really low key, and by low key I mean home with the baby. I'm pretty excited about that, I feel like new years is such a hassle.
With the holiday comes new years resolutions. The theme of my blog for January 2010 is going to be "Go Green, Baby". It's going to focus on becoming and continuing to "go green". I know there are tons of ways I can continue to go green, but I've also come a really long way, so I want to take everything that I have learned and pay it forward. I have a lot of reviews of some wonderful green baby products, and some great giveaways too.
Originally it was going to be one big article, but I've got so much to say about each section that I'm going to need more than one entry, so why not make it a month long theme!?
The first giveaway of the year is going to be a pair of wool longies from my Etsy shop! http://lepetitowlet.etsy.com

I'm sitting in the "play room/sewing room" with Eli. I spread a big blanket out on the floor with a bunch of toys, he already made it to the other side and is facing the opposite way! It's crazy how fast they learn new things, it just happens all of a sudden! A few weeks ago I would have never thought that Eli would practically be full on crawling. It's definitely super fun to watch the progression, I'm looking forward to all the new things he is going to learn to do!

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