Buy Fair Trade!

"Fair Trade means an equitable and fair partnership between global marketers and producers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world. A fair trade partnership works to provide low-income artisans and farmers with a living wage for their work." - Source: Fair Trade Federation

Products that consumers often purchase are made in conditions that harm the workers, communities, and environment. When you buy fair trade products not only are you enabling artisans to make a living wage, but you are also ensuring that the goods you purchase are made in a way that does not harm the earth.

Fair Trade Criteria

  1. Paying a fair wage in the local context 
  2. Offering employees opportunities for advancement
  3. Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices
  4. Being open to public accountability
  5. Building long-term trade relationships
  6. Providing healthy and safe working conditions within the local context
  7. Providing financial and technical assistance to producers whenever possible
  8. Ensuring that there is no abuse of child labor
    Taken from: Fair Trade Federation 

What types of things can you buy Fair Trade?

You can buy everything such as chocolate, coffee, tea, and bananas to clothing, household, and decorative arts items. 

To find out where to buy Fair Trade Certified item you can check out TransFair USA. You might be surprised at some of the things that are Fair Trade Certified, such as any hot or iced espresso drink at Dunkin' Donuts!

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