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Organic ERGObaby Carrier (ends 1/22)
Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (ends 1/29)

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Cloud B Dozy Dolphin On the Go Review
Rockin' Green Soap Review
Kushies Diaper Review
Lollidoo Diapers Review

How do you like the new layout? It's a work in progress but at least I got this much done. It was a hectic weekend. I was sick in bed for most of it. Luckily that's pretty much over, now I just have a fussy baby who doesn't want to nap during the day. It was only really tiring today and that's probably because I stayed up way too late and Eli decided he wanted to wake up way too early. So, this mama is tired. On that note I will leave you with the giveaway links and new layout and I will write some more tomorrow!


Beecher said...

Well put. It's unfortunate that if EVERYTHING isn't done to *someone's* specs then I might as well have not done anything. Grrrr....
Also, have you ever tried scrubbing tubs with a baby that grabs everything? Or sweeping? You can't sweep with one hand.
Rant over here as well.
Thanks for posting this. I needed to vent!

Beecher said...

by the way I do like the new layout. It is a pretty kick as$. I just accidentally meant to post that other comment on the other post. (duh)

Anonymous said...


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