Attenion New York Residents! Oppose S4779, A6702, and A0778

Oppose S4779 and A6702 which permit ALL present and future vaccines and drugs for sexually transmitted diseases to be given to New York children WITHOUT parental consent

· These bills remove parental rights for all New York parents

· If a child has a drug or vaccine reaction, the parents won't know what is happening or how to help

· These bills apply to ALL children - there is NO age limit

· A child's has a limited capacity to understand pharmaceutical drug and vaccine risks and identify side effects they may experience

· Unknown vaccine administrators don't know the child's medical history, vaccine contraindications, allergies, and past vaccine reactions

· Children unknowingly are giving up their legal rights when asking for a vaccine because Federal law (PL 99-660) removes liability from vaccine manufacturers and doctors for injuries and deaths caused by vaccines

· The HPV vaccine, which this bill would include, has already been associated with thousands of reactions and dozens of deaths

· The open ended language allows for any future vaccines for STDS to be given without parental knowledge or consent - coming soon and already in the research pipeline are vaccines for Syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV

Oppose A0778 which legally forces the controversial and sometimes dangerous vaccine for the sexually transmitted virus Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) on 6th grade New York schoolchildren

· New York's vaccine exemption laws are inadequate and don't allow a parent to refuse this vaccine if they don't want it for their child

· Safety issues: thousands of young girls have experienced serious vaccine reactions

· Not Necessary: Less than 1% of all cancer deaths are from cervical cancer, cervical cancer is preventable by regular screenings, and 90% of women who contract HPV clear the virus on their own

· Efficacy Questions: While shown effective in preventing genital warts in adults, clinical trials were conducted on fewer than 2,000 girls aged 9 to 15 years old and the studies were far too short to show that the vaccine even prevents the HPV transforming into cancer

· Cost Issues: This is one of the most expensive on the market ($360 for 3 doses not including administration fees) costing taxpayers millions of dollars for the Medicaid reimbursements to fulfill the requirements of this mandate
Please Act NOW: The Codes Committee vote on S4779 is this Tuesday February 9th. Let your New York State lawmakers know these bills are unacceptable!

Vaccinations should be the parents decision, not the states!

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Anonymous said...

NO comments? That in itself shows just how little New York State cares about anything, INCLUDING what is going to happen to their children. My Lord, People, wake up! this is terrible, your babies can make up their own mind as to if they need a medically necessary shot or a stupid shot that has no research behind it? Parents, you are the ONLY ones that can wake up and stop this craziness, stop worrying about getting everything for free, and worry about the government owning every thing including your children.If you wish to live in a socialist nation then Please by all means GO live there, and let the government take care of you and Please leave MY AMERICA ALONE.Please get out there and STOP THIS VOTE FROM GOING THROUGH S4779/ A6702: This is all you need to do put the numbers in your Google search or any other search and READ what they are doing Please IF only for the SAFETY of the children.

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