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My entire life I was essentially told that if I didn't go to college I wouldn't get anywhere in life. Well, I didn't go to college, and I honestly think I've gotten pretty far.
I never went to college because I wasn't ready. I didn't want to go somewhere and pay thousands of dollars that I'd eventually have to pay back for a piece of paper that tells me I am qualified to do something that I probably don't even want to do anyway. What I want to do in life does not require a degree, and that's be a mom and keep sewing and selling the tings that I create. One day I would like to open a store and sell the things that I create, and things other people create, maybe one day I will finally write that book I've always wanted to.
I guess the object of this post is to say that just because you didn't go to college doesn't mean you aren't going to go anywhere. As my son grows I am going to let him take the lead on his life. He can do what makes him happy, I'm not going to restrict him or tell him that he's screwing up his life. He can take ballet classes, or join a math team. Write poetry, paint, draw, play the violin, play volleyball, run track. The world is his. If he wants to be homeschooled through high school then I can do that, if he wants to go to a school then he can do that too. If he decides he wants to take a break after high school to explore the world then I will tell him to go for it. If he decides he wants to be an artist for the rest of his life and not go to college at all then that is his decision and I will support it.

A piece of paper that says congratulations you got through years of a very expensive education does not guarantee happiness. Money does not equal happiness. Happiness is doing something that you love and want to do, and being supported. I want to support Elijah in everything that he wants to do, and I am really excited to see what path he is going to take in life.



Mommy Bee said...

I remember having a discussion with my brother-in-law and his wife. They were telling their 8yo son that he should be a doctor or a dentist when he grew up (not in a pushy way exactly, but clearly in a "this would make us proud" kind of way). I said that I want my son to do whatever will make him happy so long as he can earn a living at it. I told them if he wants to be a doctor I'll support that, and if he wants to be a plumber I'll support that, and if he wants to be a ballerina well goshdarn there aren't that many male ballerinas and I bet they make good money so I'd certainly support that.
They laughed and said he'll probably want to be a professional football player. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I Love this...

sheila said...

Well, I'll second THAT emotion! lol. Money does not buy happiness. And thankfully so! I think this economy is teaching many people, many things. Although I've never had a lot of money...so I don't know the difference...but I'm happy.

And...I ramble. lol.

Alexandra said...

perfectly said

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