Le Petit Owlet Love: Earth Mama Angel Baby's Happy Mama Body Wash

Earth Mama Angel baby recently unveiled a new product: Happy Mama Body Wash. Before they announced what the product was they had a contest on their facebook page for fans to guess what their new product was going to be. There were 15 winners that received a sample and I was one of them!

I got my sample in the mail yesterday so I was super excited to take a shower, and rightfully so, this stuff is amazing! I think I used about half of my sample because I just kept squirting more and more, I wanted to keep smelling the lovely citrusy ginger scent. I guess that means I am going to have to order some more!

From Earth Mama Angel Baby:
Naturally Safe Body Wash for Mamas and Babies

Happy mamas mean happy babies! Earth Mama Angel Baby’s exhilarating
new body wash is safe for pregnancy and ideal for noses that are
sensitive from morning sickness. And since Earth Mama Angel baby products are formulated to be safe for pregnancy they are safe, and perfect, for the entire family. With fresh Ginger to combat queasiness, Happy Mama Body Wash is USDA Certified Made With Organic ingredients, including zangy organic Lime and organic Pink Grapefruit essential oils to give spirits a lift, in a naturally safe organic
olive oil castile soap base. No harsh detergents and zero toxins mean
it's safe for pregnant women and the whole family.

Love it! This would be a great gift for a mama to be, or anyone really. I love everything that Earth Mama Angel Baby makes, I can't see how anybody couldn't!

You should also fan Earth Mama Angel Baby on facebook! Every Wednesday they give one lucky fan a prize, how cool is that!?

Disclaimer: I won this product in a contest. This sample was not sent to me for review purposes, I just love it so much that I wanted to talk about it. Receiving a sample in no way swayed my opinion of this product



TheGirl said...

I used way more then i needed also because it was so yummy! I love that it comes out as a foam!



ashley said...

thanks for the heads up about their giveaways every wednesday!

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