My bank account was compromised.

Yesterday I got a call from my bank. They called to verify a purchase I made. I haven't made a purchase on my debit card in months, the balance is about $0.72. I called them back to see what was going on. Apparently, somehow, a scan company got my debit card number and spent $262 on "travel". I honestly can't even comprehend HOW they got my debit card number because I never use it online, again, I go through paypal. I'm sure there has been a time or two where I didn't go through paypal, but I don't fall for scams and I never send my number through email! The charge was mad to "Red Universal Marketing" and when I google searched that a bunch of scammy looking sites came up. The one that drew my attention was this one - that just seems like the biggest scam! Enter your email and booking code!? I was going to call them to ask wtf but they are located in Spain. I'm sure even if they weren't located in Spain that I wouldn't get through to anyone since it's a freaking scam. Ugh, so not what I need. So right now my account balance is about -$263. Not great since i am supposed to be getting some checks in the mail soon. Hopefully this all gets resolved. Keep an eye on your bank accounts!


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Mamma Pie said...

Thanks for sharing about the scammy company. I hope the bank straightens it out and gives your money back.

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