Snug Organics Review

I am always on the lookout for organic clothing for Elijah, especially sleepwear. A lot of mainstream baby sleepwear is synthetic and covered in flame retardant chemicals. Synthetic fabrics aren't breathable and flame retardant chemicals are, well, toxic! I don't want toxic chemicals on my baby if I can help, and especially not on his sleepwear.  The idea of Eli just laying on a chemical coated fabric doesn't sit well with me.

During one of my searches I came across Snug Organics. I knew by just looking at the photos that this is something I wanted to try. It just looked so soft and snuggly, and it has everything that I look for in baby sleepwear. Snug Organics sent me their 100% Organic Cotton Snug Sherpa Sleeper in chocolate size 12-18 months.

As soon as I took this sleeper out of the package I was so jealous that Eli got to wear it, I want one for myself! Eli is a big guy, so I was unsure which size to order but I went with the 12-18 mo. and crossed my fingers it wouldn't be too small. I got lucky and it's a perfect fit. I do recommend sizing up with this sleeper because it will shrink a bit if you accidentally wash it on warm or hot and dry it. Snug Organics suggests washing on cool and line drying, and now that summer is upon us that's an option.

Right now we're in that transitional time where we have the windows open with the heat off and no a/c yet. It's pretty warm in the house, which means it's too warm to wear this sleeper to bed, but once the a/c is on it will be perfect, and of course it's perfect for winter and fall. We've been using it as not only a sleeper but just for wearing all day. Not only is it cute, but it's soft and comfy, and organic!

The Snug Organics website is a store, but also a wealth of information. They have an entire section dedicated to why organics are vital where the first paragraph reads:

The Healthy Children Project recommends “buying clothing, bedding and furniture made of natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, which do not melt near heat and as such do not need to contain flame-retardants.” Contrary to what you might hear, baby sleepwear doesn’t have to be flame-resistant. Natural fabrics are acceptable but must fit snugly to be safe and should be labeled that way. Most clothing produced today is grown and manufactured with toxic chemicals. The garment industry is well-known for being chemically intensive and polluting. Synthetic and conventional cotton can also cause harm as most of them are allergenic and emit harmful gasses.
Along with their sherpa sleepers they also sell an array of organic cotton items. Their sleepers go up to size 4T and are $48, which I think is a small price to pay for such a great sleeper! Organic costs more but it saves you money in the long run (less health problems for all).

Visit Snug Organics and get your babe a super cozy organic sherpa sleeper!

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