What's To Come

Life has been so busy lately. I took almost an entire day and devoted it to cleaning up my living room. Seriously, I had been trying to clean it for about 3 weeks. The clean laundry just kept piling up and for some reason piles of stuff just kept appearing all over the floor. I got it done, thank god, I had to anyway because I babysat today and I needed that room for Eli and little P to crawl around and play. Now the rest of my house, that's another story. I'm hoping that within a month my whole house will be clean. Ha!

So, as I posted before I'm making some blog changes. I've been thinking about it more and more and I want to do more than just less reviews. So here's what I have come up with:
  • New look. Yup, redesigning the layout. Think of it like getting a haircut after a breakup. My "new" blog is going to reflect my new life. I want it to be light & airy, not dark & heavy.
  • New name. This is a big one, especially since everything is Le Petit Owlet down to the .com. My business was named Le Petit Owlet, then I changed it to Little Owls to separate my business from blog, but I think I need to go even further. I have no clue what I'm going to name it. Rockin' (single) Mama? I really have no idea, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  • As I start getting more time (HA! ha ha ha, time? What's that!?) I am going to start writing more about crafty things (hopefully even some tutorials!), recipes, eating and living on a budget (since I pretty much and completely broke now), my life, Elijah, single motherhood. I am also going to continue writing about natural parenting and issues that I am concerned with such as breastfeeding, circumcision, babywearing, etc. It's basically going to become more personal. Again, I will still do a select few reviews/giveaways here and there but they are a LOT of work, too much work for all the things that I have going on in my life.
I do have several reviews and giveaways lined up for you:

Elemental Shop Review/Giveaway
Glamourmom Review/Givewaway
UV Skinz Review/Giveaway
Sustainablebabyish Sloomb Longies Review
GroVia Review

So stay tuned for those, and of course all the changes!



♥ Fanged Faerie Girls ♥ said...

Love the new look and good luck on your new life!

I also am struggling with the housecleaning and the now walking toddler I have to keep from hurting her self, others and all of our stuff! lol

Katidids said...

Glad your doing well, sounds as if your finding a new balance for the new life! Be cariful not to make to many biz changes so your customers are not lost!

ashley said...

wow!! gorgeous new look. I LOVE it. all the tiny details are so cool, it is really such a pleasure to look at. :-)

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