On Going Out

In the past 18 months or so I have been out without a baby, having drinks once. I've been dying to go out and just let loose, have fun. You know, like the "old days" when I would go out with friends and go to a bunch of different bars in one night and not go home until they turned the bright lights on and started kicking everyone out.
Last night I was finally able to go out with a friend who is in town. We got dropped off downtown so we wouldn't have to worry about driving home. Apparently 18 months is a long time because I'm not hip to the new "cool" bars. We went to about 5 different places. At the first place we went to, every time I went to the bathroom I could hear people doing drugs in the other stall. Literally every time. Clearly that stuff is not my scene and I'm pretty sure I did a lot of eye rolling to myself. We moved on to another bar where two weird dudes tried talking to us by saying they liked hair (what!?) and some other weird small talk, not into it. We left there and went to some bard that seemed like it might be fun, there was dancing, we like dancing. Well, it was a bunch of people dancing to some weird new indie musuc videos that were being shown on tv's hanging on the wall. Not into it.
That was pretty much the theme of the night, not into it. I thought about Eli the whole time and whether or not he was asleep or if he was ok. I just wanted to be in bed cuddling with him.
I realize that the bar scene is so not me anymore. If I go out these days I want to do something like go to a coffee shop and hang out and talk with friends, or go to a bookstore, better yet, a bookstore with a coffee shop! Going to see a movie or out to dinner with friends would be nice, or a cookout at someones house. I don't want to stay out until 2am, I don't want to have to scream so my friend can hear me cause it's too loud, if I want a beer or a drink I don't want it to cost me more than $3, and I prefer intellectual conversation over weird guys trying to hit on me and my friend by telling us they like hair.
So, I am glad I went out, it was fun hanging out with a friend, but you probably won't find me in any bars for a while, unless it's a quiet lounge type place and I'm just there for a drink with someone.



Kelly said...

Yeah, I've not been into the bar scene in ages. Since LO was born ~6.5m ago, I prefer activities in which Incan include him. Like coffee shops in bookstores. And cookouts at someone's house. Swimming.
Glad you had fun. Sounds like an interesting experience - especially the dancing to music videos lol

flyabuv said...


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