Welcome to Toddlerhood

I've been lax on the blogging lately. Life as a single mom to a 1 year old and running your own business is a LOT of work, so lately in my "down time" (if there ever is such a thing) I read or veg out and watch movies.

Once Eli had his first birthday it was like a switch was flipped into toddlerhood. He's changing in so many ways, it sure is amazing to watch. He's always been curious, all babies are, but it seems that he's especially curious lately. He's perfecting his walking and hardly ever falls down while doing it, he's figured how to take off his diapers that snap, and he's become a night owl just like his mama.

Eli loves his toys. For his birthday I bought him a mini bowling set that has 6 wooden pins and a felted wool ball. You can frequently find him walking around with one or two of the pins in each hand. The car shown is by Sprig. It's made from recycled materials and wood chips (and it smells like the wood chips!) in Canada. He also got some other great stuff including a rocking horse, lots of wood blocks, and a wooden sailboat that I bought for him for bath time and then playing in puddles as he gets older.

With the fun has also come the not so fun. Eli has all of a sudden started going through a hair pulling and face slapping phase. Luckily it's most likely just a phase, and hopefully it won't last long. I am trying to teach him that it's not nice by telling him no and that it hurts, then leaving the room. Whenever I do this he starts freaking out and crying, so I come back in and give him a hug. I think he's learning, it's not happening as often as it was a couple days ago.

That's the extent of his "naughtiness" though, and he's only 1, so he doesn't know any better. Life is a learning process, and so isn't being a mom. A learning process for both of us. Nothing in the world seems bad when he puts his nose on my nose and stares into my eyes then laughs. He loves me and I love him.



Jennifer Miller said...

such a cute little guy, great job with the first year mama!

UmmAlice said...

a friend of mine's daughter learned to take off her sposie, so started putting panties on over her diapers and/or kept her in onsies.

Julia said...

I found you by search of cloth diapers on Top Mom blogs and my son's name is Elijah too! I love your blog! I'm going to follow you!

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