All moved in!

The hectic-ness of moving is starting to die down. Eli and I are basically all settled in to our new place and it's considered our home now. The apartment is really wonderful. We have a large living room which I've blocked off with our wooden baby gate and my sewing area is on the other side of it. I spend most Eli's waking time playing with him in the living room, but sometimes I can sneak in some quick work in the sewing area. Our bedroom is huge and in the back of the apartment so Eli never gets woken up by the sound of the sewing machine or television (unlike our last place where the sewing room shared a wall with the bedroom). There's a big yard with a hammock and some garden boxes that one of the neighbors built, which is great because Eli gets to run around outside at least once a say (though usually more since the weather has been so nice). I am free to build my own boxes and I'm hoping to have a garden started at some point. I even talked to the neighbors about chickens and it seems like it's a very good possibility. I will talk with them more once January/February rolls around and baby chicks will start hatching.

My washing machine is successfully hooked up to my kitchen sink and I've done lots of diaper washes already. Hang drying all my laundry is taking some time to get used to since I don't have a proper clothesline out front yet, but I don't have to leave my apartment to do laundry, and I'm saving money.

Quick release hose attachment

The washing machine in action

Sewing is going well. I took a little hiatus from everything for a while so I could move and then get settled in, but I am starting to ease back in to everything full force.

My next goal is to start cooking more! I just got the VegWeb app for my phone which I think will be super handy when I go grocery shopping. I always try to make lists of ingredients but I am forever forgetting to buy something. Having the recipe and their pre-made shopping lists right on my phone will be super handy! If anyone has any vegetarian recipes that they love then please share them with me!


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