BabyKicks Organic Fitted Review

I'm always on the search for cloth diapers to try with features that I love. I have a strong love for fitted diapers with wool, especially during the day, because I want Elijah to wear something that is breathable and natural. Some other features that I love are of course one size diapers, because they will fit my son until potty training, and side snaps because my 19 month old babe is always on the go and keeping him down is hard enough as it is, side snaps are a bit easier to fasten when he's rolling over. I was thrilled to receive a BabyKicks Organic Fitted diaper to test out because it has all these features and then some.

Fit: This diaper is very trim, which I love, especially since I pair fitted diapers with wool which can add some bulk. The side snaps create a snug fit around Eli's waist, and since this is a one size diaper there are snaps to change the rise setting.
Ease of use: I love the different colored snaps on this diaper, they make it super easy to use! I don't have t count or guess, I just snap the snaps with their coordinating colors. This diaper has a pocket, so you need to stuff the insert in before use, but I always do that after washing and drying anyway. I love when fitteds have pockets because you can add more absorbency if needed.

Performance: This diaper is made of organic cotton and hemp. Hemp is the most absorbent material, so this diaper can hold a lot. I Eli doesn't usually do very well with fitteds overnight anymore (he is a heavy wetter and gets really fussy when he can feel the moisture), but this diaper help up pretty great at night. It's the perfect diaper for when e are out running errands and there's an extended amount of time when I can't change him right away. Overall this fitted diaper has gone above and beyond my expectations.

Value: The BabyKicks Organic Fitted retails for $19.95. This is pretty standard for an organic fitted diaper. Some organic fitteds that are not one-size diapers cost this much, so that fact that this diaper will last from birth to potty training helps with the value. If you wanted to diaper your baby using BabyKicks exclusively, you could have a 12-diaper stash for around $240. 

We love our BabyKicks Organic Fitted diaper. You can use this fitted diaper as a training pant too, which is an added bonus in my eyes.

You can purchase your own BabyKicks Organic Fitted diaper on their website!

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