Achey and sore

Caraway seeds are gross. This is the second time in the past year I have gotten an everything bagel that has caraway seeds on it. They do not belong on everything bagels! Seriously, they taste like a cross between pine trees and black licorice.

Besides gross seeds on my otherwise tasty bagel, today I feel like crap. My whole body is sore, my lower abdomen is sore. I don't even know if sore is the word for it. my head started hurting really badly, which made me fall asleep for a few hours. I woke up at bout 7:30ish, now I'm just cranky and blah.

There was a new America's Next Top Model on tonight. The new girls are kind of boring, and not really strike me as supermodel material. Is Project Runway ever going to be on again?? Did they ever figure out all the legal business between the two channels? I hope it stays on Bravo. I like Bravo. Right now I am watching this stupid show called Make Me A Supermodel. These people all got their pictures back from some photoshoot they did and they were all awful, but every single one of them was so happy with the picture and kept talking about how they were going to win. Hah. I love mindless TV.

I haven't really wanted to do anything today or yesterday, and I haven't. I just feel tired again, and just "not in the mood". I have been making the simplest things I can to eat, and just doing a lot of resting. I just feel so "blah" and worn out. I need a professional massage, and a day at a spa or something. Just something relaxing. I did manage to go to the library today to return some stuff, and I got some books on organic gardening, and a Texas gardening almanac, so hopefully we can build some garden boxes and plant some stuff and have food to eat for free!

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TheGirl said...

Project Runway has all been filmed, because they showed at Bryant Park a few weeks ago. I saw pics of the final collections although i have no idea what the peoples names are or who they are.
it's not on Bravo any more. So i think that is the holdup with the airing. everything else is the same though, Heidi and Tim and i assume Nina and Michael all back.
it would make my life.
that and Mad Men

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