22 weeks 4 days

Holy wow! I had a prenatal visit today and baby seems to have gone through a growth spurt (so haven't boobs). Last week I weighed in at 143, today I was 151.5. Crazy. Everything was all good, and I'm measuring right on track, so hopefully all will continue to go well. My next appointment is April 3rd and I have my 1 hr. glucose test. Here is a picture of my bump at 22 weeks 4 days:

I feel really grumpy today. I haven't done anything all day, and I don't want to talk to anyone today really. Not in real life world anyway. 9 more days until Jason and I go to New Hampshire. I'm not excited to fly again, my trip home last time was terrible. At least Jason will be with me this time, so I can talk to him if I have to. I just looked at the Continental Airlines website and they have on demand tv and movies, and actual MEALS! Not just snacks like Jet Blue! I'm going to stock up on stuff to eat during the flight, but it's good to know they have real food.

I need to stop writing. I suddenly feel extremely tired. I need to lay down!

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TheGirl said...

i would call the airline and tell them i am pregnant and i need two meals, lol. wait maybe just cause i am hungry now.

anyway, way to go on the cute baby bump, with what i am sure is an adorable baby under it.

my bump looks very much like yours did at 12 weeks, i will be 13 weeks tomorrow!

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