I can't help but check my registry all the time to see if anything else was bought off of it. While I'm not expecting everyone who is coming to this shower to buy us presents, I know that anyone who is a family member will. We will probably get a lot of gift cards since they know that we live out of town. So far people have bought these items from our registry: Graco Snugride infant car seat, Arm's Reach co-sleeper, Changing pad with a pretty sage green cover, and baby monitors. That's pretty good! I also think that if anyone is buying stuff off of our registry they will start doing it now - Sunday, since they will probably just have the stuff shipped right to us. I'm hoping that nothing gets here while we are gone, but we will have Mario check for boxes on the porch every day, that way he can put them inside for us if there are any.

I'm dreading flying tomorrow. I just keep remembering how shitty I felt a few weeks ago on my flight home from NH, and I am hoping that history doesn't repeat itself. At least Jason will be with me, and I can sit in whatever seat I'm more comfortable in. I didn't even think to check the planes that Continental flies, I hope it's only 2 seats wide. Our flight is SO early, 6:25am. I want to get to the airport early enough to get some breakfast before we get on the plane, being pregnant and all means I get hungry and have to eat. I also have to remember to pack lots of snacks. It's stupid that I can't bring a bottle of water with me, so I'm going to have to spend a couple bucks to buy one in the airport.

I guess I should stop slacking and start packing and finish up my laundry. I have to find my favorite black yoga pants! I will probably wear those every day for the next 5 days!

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elin said...

Here is my pregnant and flying suggestion: Bring one or two empty water bottles with you through security and get them filled once you're through. That way you have water but it's free!

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