So tired, yet I can't sleep. Between back aches, abdomen growing pains, and baby constantly moving around I just can't seem to get comfortable. Earlier tonight I experienced the worst pain ever. I think it was round ligament pain mixed with a stomach bug, my midwife seemed to think it was definitely a stomach bug when I called her. It was like intense stabby, achey pain in my back and then going into my abdomen, then to make matters even worse I had to go poop, but it wasn't any normal poop, it was the fun kind. That immediately enhanced the pain that I was already having. I thought for sure I was going into early labor. Of course I knew I wasn't, but it was totally crazy. Luckily the super intenseness didn't last too too long, and now I'm just occasionally achey. If I can't get comfortable now then I don't know what the hell I'm going to do in a few weeks.

So, I broke my due date down for Jason tonight. I told him that by my next appointment (it will be almost 27 weeks) I will have to start going twice a month, so my appointment after the next on will be 2 weeks from then. I also told him that in 6 weeks I will hit the big 3-0. Then from there I will only have 10 weeks left, and theoretically I could go into labor whenever baby is done cooking. After reading the birth stories on the bump I now realize that I could go into labor at 34 weeks. I mean, I could go earlier of course, but it's so close that it's unreal.

In two days it's my V-Day. Yay! That means that my baby, while extremely premature, can survive outside my womb with lots of medical help. While I hope he (I don't know the sex but I'm just going to start saying he or she from now on) stays in and does his thing for a little while longer, it's a relief to know that with all of our medical advances V-Day is now at 24 weeks.

Ok, maybe I can sleep now. I hate tossing and turning and placing pillows every which way when Jason is asleep in bed next to me, I'm always scared I might wake him up.

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