The most amazing cloth diaper

These are the most amazingly softest, thickest, comfiest feeling diapers ever. Kissaluvs organic cotton hemp. We went to Austin Baby to check out all the different kinds of cloth diapers and I have definitely decided that I want these for when the baby is a newborn, and the bumGenius 3.0 for after that. They have a diapering 101 class on all the different kinds of cloth diapers on Saturdays at 10:30 am, so we will be going to that in 2 weeks. They also have these awesome cloth "pull ups" for when you are potty training. I love it. They are all so super cute. If I was a baby I would much rather have my butt in one of these than some gell filled disposable diaper. We did find some gell free cotton disposable diapers that we will probably get a package of for emergencies, like if baby gets sick, or whatever other emergency that could come up where we need a disposable for. But they were really nice, soft, and had no chemicals. So it will be good to have those on hand.
I just wanted to share my diaper experience of the day!

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