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In my old blog I had posted a bunch of baby stuff that I was into, mostly for the nursery. Well I think now is the time to really start thinking about what I want to do in the nursery. I've been looking at a bunch of websites and it's just super hard. I know the general idea of what I want to do, but I don't really know what color scheme. It's hard (yet somehow easier) because I will probably buy seperates for the crib bedding: fitted sheet, bed skirt, and a comforter or crib blanket that I can use when the baby is older, or as a floor play blanket or stroller blanket. The blanket will be a nice keepsake to have anyway, and they are oh so cute, so how can I not get one. I'd like to have a decorative pillow to put in the rocking chair, but that is just a little detail I can come to later. My main focus is crib bedding, wall color, and wall decals. Our friend is giving us her crib to use, and we can find a changing table/dresser later.

I adore these amenity blankets, but I wouldn't know whether to pick the deer or bunnies. And then I would have to decide what color crib skirt and sheet I would want, and what design, if any.

This crib set is by Dwell Studio. The crib sheet is the same pattern as the bumper (you can't see but there are some white rectangles all over it). I would just need to make sure I could buy the bed skirt separate and I would buy the stroller blanket. I really like the colors and the design. I think I'm leaning towards this over the amenity blankets, (but I could still get one to have!) just because you would see more of the design, and it's bright and airy.

I love all of the Litto Kids crib bedding sets, but they are pricey, and I don't need all that the set has to offer. The owl one is especially cute. Do you know if you can buy their crib separates anywhere?

I'm stuck on the wall color. I was thinking a light yellow, which would go good with the Dwell Studio bedding. If I was to do that I would probably go with grey trim to match the grey leaves. I'll probably be making curtains, so I will just have to find a pretty fabric that goes well.

As for decals, so far I like the following ones:

And suddenly it's almost 2am. I've been looking at crib bedding for hours now. It's probably time I hit the sack. I'm sure I will have plenty more to post tomorrow, I'll be here all night by myself while Jason is out playing a show.

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TheGirl said...

ok i totally adore the amenity stuff! those are the perfect colors and theme for sure! i am thinking of just getting a little blanket or pillow? to supplement something a little cheaper, haha.

where do we splurge? i mean, i am being so thrifty, but for what items do we say, fuck it, $300,i'll take it.

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