Lazy morning

Busy weekend! We got some cleaning done. Jason started working on the front yard and put a lot of leaves into the compost pile. The whole front section before the fence is now cleaned out, I just have to do some weeding. Maybe I will do that later today! I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly for 3 hours, rearranged some cabinets, cleaned up the shelves, ran a vinegar rinse through the coffee pot to clean it, scrubbed the stove. It's spotless in there now! I got some stuff for dusting at Target yesterday so I will probably do some of that later. I also want to work on emptying out the rest of the room. I need to take pictures of the desk we have in there to put on Craigslist for like $20.
I bought some scrap booking stuff yesterday and I started getting the ultrasound pictures together! I printed out some of my belly pictures to put in there too. I need to get some more scrap booking stuff to work with! I got this starter kit at Target for $25, it included the scrap book, a bunch of stickers and card stock frames and random things, a pack of patterned paper. I never knew I would be into the whole scrap booking thing, but it's fun, and it's way more personalized than just a boring photo album. I can't wait until the baby is here so I can make some welcome home pages! Yay!
We went to the farmers market on Saturday. All of the veggies were super expensive so we didn't get any of those, but we found this table that had all sorts of potted plants and trees. We got a huge potted strawberry plant for $10, and a succulent called 'sedum burrito" otherwise knows as 'donkey's tail' for $10. We almost got a dwarf peach tree, maybe next time. We put the succulent in a hanging planter, and the strawberries are outside, we've already gotten 3 strawberries from it!
I'm going to ChaCha in at least $20 today. I'm sure I will be able to do it, I haven't had any problems so far. If you want to sign up for ChaCha you should use my email address as a referral: jessicaLwestbrook@gmail.com - that way we will be on a team and earn more money! Everything is better when you're on a team anyway!

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