Baby baby baby

Everything has been the same as usual! I'm still very pregnant, and only getting more pregnant every day. Approaching the 3rd trimester, the longest one there is!

Our Bradley class starts tomorrow evening. I'm excited! I'll get to meet some other couples and Jason and I will begin getting prepared for everything to come. Then at midnight I can only have water because I have my 1 hour glucose test at 8:30am on Friday morning, along with my regular old prenatal appointment. After Friday I will start going to the birthing center twice a month. Crazy! It's starting to feel like it's all flying by. It's definitely a change from the beginning when I felt like everything was dragging on so slowly.

My stomach is growing and taking on a more rounder shape every day. Baby is certainly growing, and also extremely active. Baby is still the size of an eggplant, and now approaching approximately 2 lbs., but only another week and 2 days until it reaches the size of a squash and will weigh between 2.5 and almost 4 pounds by the 32nd week! I can't believe I will be in my 7th month in a week. in a weird way I'm starting to get a little nostalgic. I want this baby out, I want it to be July 3rd already, I don't want to be pregnant anymore. But at other times I am enjoying it. It makes me happy to feel this baby rolling around inside of me, and I'm starting to feel how deep my connection is with my child. Because it's mine, it's inside me, I have been carrying it since it was hardly the size of a pin head and looked like an alien, now it looks like a mini human, although still small, but it's really alive, and it's really my baby. Only 13 more weeks.

I have so much to do in those 13 weeks! I should probably go continue to work on our soon to be bedroom now!

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TheGirl said...

it does seem like it went fast, for you. i am still int the long dragging phase. haha.

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