How do you turn an office into your bedroom?

Like this! Yesterday I just couldn't stand the sight of piles of stuff or dust anymore, so I emptied the room and then moved our bedroom, all by myself. Yes, I might be superwoman. Before it looked like this there was a bunch of electronics all over the floor (think hard drives, speakers, computer cpu's), piles of papers and just stuff, a huge black dusty desk that was covered in stuff and dust, and just, stuff. I made the closet curtains last week (well, I still need to sew them, but they are safety pinned now which is fine, we need to get a new rod for the closet anyway cause that one is all weird). There's still some more stuff to do, we have to move the big bookshelf from the baby's room and put it in our room, it will go in the corner where the records and bass are, but that's really it. As soon as that's done I will get to paint the nursery next week when Jason gets paid! Yay!

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TheGirl said...

i have those "posters" for the Grindhouse movies :)
and is that mirror from ikea, cause if so, i have that too.
also i love those chairs and the fabric for the curtains.
well done.
on to the nursery!

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