27 weeks

Our first Bradley class was great! It's a fairly large class and the majority of the couples are going to Austin Area Birthing Center. I'm right in the middle of the due dates, there are some people due later than I am (end of July) and a bunch of people in mid/late June. There's one couple due May 13th! The class is 8 weeks long and ends May 28th, but they just moved here last week from New Orleans.
It was fun meeting all the other couples, and we already learned some stuff. If it wasn't for the class I wouldn't know what "exercises" I should be doing regularly to get everything prepared for childbirth, and they do make a hug difference, especially the ones that tone your perineum. So I did all of them last night, and I'll (hopefully) be doing them daily. We went over some relaxation things to start doing, and got a list of all the Bradley relaxation exercises to do to prepare for, and use, in labor. We learned about how the Bradley method began and the differences between the Bradley and other methods.
Class #2 is going to be anatomy, gestation, and nutrition. Class #3 first stage of labor, Class #4 second and third stages of labor, Class #5 coaching and birth plans, Class #6 variations, complications, unexpected situations, Class #7 breastfeeding, and Class #8 baby wisdom. I am really excited for all of the classes, it's going to be a great feeling to be so prepared and in tune with what is happening. These classes will also be great for Jason because since the Bradley Method is husband coached childbirth he will learn how to be a great coach and all the techniques that go along with it. He's probably more confused than I am about everything going on so it will be nice going into the delivery room and he will know what's going on and what to do.
When our class ends I will only have 5 weeks of pregnancy left! This is good because having something set in stone to do once a week seems to make things go by a little bit faster.
I am also going to look into the La Leche League and/or a breastfeeding specific class (or a lactation consultant even!). My friend took a breastfeeding class before her daughter was born and she said it was really helpful and she's glad she took it. It could only be beneficial to me so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't take one, breastfeeding is hard at first, so learning all that I can before I do it seems like the best option.
I had my glucose screening today. It wasn't bad, but I got so tired after I drank that drink, which is a good thing. I'm still kind of tired, I could probably take a nap. They will have results on Monday and if I haven't gotten a call by Tuesday then my levels are normal. I'm not worried about it.
Ooh another day. Maybe I will do some of the prenatal workout video I have after I wash the dishes. Gonna finish emptying out the nursery this weekend, then I can prepare to paint next week! Once painting is done there's not much else to do but fun stuff. I'm going to make some framed things for the baby's room, maybe some decorative pillows.
Oh, and I believe our baby "shower" will be the end of May. I think it's going to be a cookout type thing at our friend Genevieve's house.

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