I just checked my ebay auction (this is the 3rd time I have listed it) and to my surprise it's already reached the reserve price! There's also still 3 days and 8 hours left, so maybe I will get lucky this time and get what I originally asked for it. We'll see! Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked it. On top of that I have $120 in ChaCha money so far, I still have 9 days until pay day so maybe I can get a decent amount more. I am going to shoot for $20 today, even though I have been slacking on it lately.
This weekend kind of sucked. I'm not going to get into details but I'm still pissed. At least now the huge bookshelf is in the hallway. We were going to put it in the bedroom but I thought it would have been too much stuff in here, and luckily it fits perfectly in the hallway. Now all I have to do is put all the books that are all over the spare room back on the shelves. I'm going to take my time with that because I want to make sure it gets done right and is organized.
Last night my stomach was moving like it has not ever moved before. It kind of freaked me out for a minute, but I eventually just looked on in amazement. The baby was doing full on stretches or flips or something, it was totally crazy, it looked like it was just going to tear itself out of my stomach, and the baby is much higher up now so I was seeing this at about where my bellybutton is. Crazy!

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TheGirl said...

hooray for money!

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