Circumcision and the HIV debate

There has been a lot of controversy lately over the whole 'circumcision protects against HIV' ordeal. a lot of woman who are for circumcision are using it as just another reason they will be circumcising, along with all of their social reasons, and 'medical reasons' which studies have shown are no longer enough of a reason to condone circumcision.
All of this has stemmed from two, yes two, research studies from Africa showing that circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection by 53 to 60%. Now folks, we are not in Africa. These studies cannot be compared to America because we just do not have the same way of life here. If it reduces the risk of HIV so much then why does Europe have a lower infection rate than the United States? They do not routinely circumcise in Europe.

The only thing I can do is get the word out there and cross my fingers that one person will see the light. Every day it's like some new reason why you should circumcise comes about. What about the reasons not to? I tell people all the time that the chance of a male newborn getting a UTI is about 1%, to me this is not enough of a risk to perform genital mutilation, especially when UTI's are treated with antibiotics. But all I hear is "it's still a risk I am not willing to take." So you won't take that risk, but you WILL take the 1% risk that your son will hemorrhage, get an infection, or have complications from the anesthesia that they should not even be using on a newborn? People say they research thoroughly and that they don't get the credit they deserve, but I don't buy it. More people research what kind of shoes to buy or the best restaurants more than they research things like labor & delivery and circumcision. Sad, yes. True, also yes. I am not saying that no one researches these things, because there are women who do, but there are also a TON of women who will "research" these topics on biased websites, take their doctors word, or follow the 'social norms'.

One day the tables will turn, that might take a very long time though.


A Baby Peach said...

I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheGirl said...

Not sure if you saw it, but one of my best friends and i were discussing this issue on facebook. She is currently at Oxford getting her PH.D. in HIV/Aids education. She thinks this is complete bullshit (although she put it in better terms :))

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