Just a quick update!

I finally finished organizing the bookcase that we moved to the hallway. Now all books are arranged according to height, because I am anal like that, and the movies we have on there are arranged alphabetically. Hooray! Now onto the shelves in the living room.
I had to take a picture of this. I just walked into the bedroom and the youngest of our four cats, Clyde, got all comfy and cozy under our blankets. Then she hammed it up for the camera and posed for a bunch of pictures. After I was done taking the pictures she got up. Look at how cute she is!

Ok. Now I must go watch the episode of Gossip Girl that I missed last week. Then hopefully I can ChaCha some more to get to my payday goal!

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Ida Mae said...

omg.. i LOVE organizing.. haha
~Ida Mae

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