Holy hell. No one tells you about how PAINFUL pregnancy can be. I'm sure the long flight didn't help in me not feeling so shitty, but it's probably mostly becuase my uterus is the size of a volleyball, and only getting bigger right now.

So let's talk about our flight, and then I'll talk about the pain. I managed to get a 2 hour nap in before we left for the airport at 4:45am. It was pouring rain, I was tired and grumpy, and Jason seemed out of it (lack of sleep I'm sure). We get to the airport on time and get through security with like 10 minutes to spare before boarding the plane. As soon as we took off I started getting shooting pains in my lower back. I was just really in pain. I started crying because it hurt and I was really uncomfortable. I took some tylenol, ate the breakfast they passed out, and managed to fall asleep until we started our descent into Newark, NJ. I checked the airport map and our next boarding passes. We were deplaning into terminal C and our next flight was in terminal A, so we had to take the shuttle to the other side. We found the shuttle, got on it and got to A. We got some pizza and then decided to go sit at the gate for 15 min until it was time to board. WELL, we got to the gate and I noticed that it said the 12:05 plane was heading towards Memphis, not Manchester, NH. So Jason went to the desk and the woman was kind of bitchy and eventually told us our gate changed to terminal C. WHAT THE HELL!? We were just there. I told her that no one told us and her reply was that they don't tell anyone, they just announce it, and that we didn't hear it because we were on the shuttle. Seriously? Where else would we be if our next plane was supposed to be in A, obvioudly on the shuttle. And have you ever actually heard an announcement in an airport? It's not exactly crystal clear. So we hurried back to terminal C and got the gate, they opened the door and let us on. To my surprise we stepped onto the smallest plane I have ever been on. Two seats on one side and one on the other. You could touch the ceiling and both sides of the plane if you were standing in the aisle. This put me straight into anxiety attack mode. I hated it. I hate small planes and I never want to fly on one again, except I have to on Monday to get back to Newark.
The whole trip to get here was just tiring, painful (my back), and stressful. I hope Monday is smooth sailing.

So since then I have had the worst pain ever. I can't seem to walk for very long, sit in the same place for very long. I just can't do much of anything. When the pain starts it makes my eyes tear up a little bit. I've been putting a heating pad on it, and alternating Icy Hot, which is helping a little. The ache is still there though. I hope I don't have this until the end, I don't know what I would do. But this is definitely one thing you never hear people talking about, how excruciating the pain is sometimes.

Is it July yet?

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