New Hampshire part 1

I don't even know where to begin, this is going to be a long entry. I might have to break it up into parts. This will be part 1, and I will cover the big ordeal that I went through before the baby shower, and then maybe I will have enough time to cover the baby shower. The rest will have to go in part 2, which I will write tomorrow. I'm totally exhausted, we just got home not too long ago.

Ok, so. The last entry I wrote was all about how painful pregnancy was. Well, turns out the pain I was (am) having is (was) not normal. At about 1:00am on Saturday morning I decided to call my midwife cause at this point I was freaking out. I was having pain in my back, and it was coming around to my abdomen, and that almost felt like period cramps. The pain in my back was constant, but every couple of hours I would have a burst of sharp, stabbing pains for a little bit, then it would go away and come back a few hours later.
So I was talking to my midwife and the first words that came out of her mouth were pre-term labor. Ok, so that made me freak out. Then she said it could also be a kidney infection or kidney stone. I decided to bring up the flutters I was feeling in my groin and she said that sounded like pelvic pressure, and to go to the doctors sooner rather than later to make sure I wasn't having contractions, and that I wasn't in pre-term labor. So I freaked out.
We woke up my aunt Karen and were on our way to Exeter hospital. Since I am 24 weeks I was taken right up to L&D and hooked up to the fetal monitor. Now, that shit freaked me out even more because the two nurses couldn't find my baby. It seemed like it took forever. They told me that the monitor is made for bigger babies, so it's hard to find smaller ones on there. Finally they got the doppler out and found my baby, which made me feel a little bit relieved, but not much. So once they found the heartbeat they hooked me up to the monitor, had me pee in a cup, and checked me in.
The doctor finally came in and I explained everything that was going on to her. They gave me a wonderful vaginal exam and listened to my heart and all that good stuff. She was hitting different parts of my back and when she kit right where my kidney was I almost went through the roof. Pre-term labor at this point was looking very slim (thank god), my cervix was hard and totally closed, the babies heartbeat sounded good, and I wasn't having any contractions.
So they gave me some percocet and a saline drip, and kept me hooked up to the monitor just to make sure I wasn't having contractions. I fell asleep for a little bit, and so did Jason (the maternity ward there is really nice, I had a huge room with a couch, which Jason slept on, and there were other chairs, and a huge bathroom with a big fancy tub). They came in at about 5am and told me that my blood and urine looked good and that I was scheduled for an ultrasound to check out the baby and my kidneys. I fell asleep again, woke up when I couldn't move my arm that the IV was in and paged the nurse, she messed with it a little and told me I was all set. An hour later my arm still hurt so I paged her again and made her take it out.
Finally at almost 8am I went down to have my ultrasound. I started getting bad back pain during it so I couldn't pay attention to half of it, but I did see my baby moving around which was a relief.
Fast forward to 11am and I am told that I have a kidney stone. We left the hospital at around 11:30am with a prescription for percocet and instructions to drink lots of water and cranberry juice. I'm starting to think I might have passed it while I was in the hospital all drugged up because I went pee once and it hurt more than usual. I've had a little pain since then, but nothing like before I went in. I'm totally scared to take the percocet for my pain, but I took one that night, one during the baby shower cause it was starting up pretty good, then two when I was on the plane. I'm not going to take anymore unless the pain gets really unbearable, and I'm glad I have them in case, but I think they gave me a prescription for way too many. I'm sure they wouldn't have prescribed them to me if they weren't reasonably safe while pregnant, but it's still freaky.

Baby shower. We had it on Sunday at noon. It was great! A bunch of family I haven't seen in forever came, and the family that lives far away all sent gifts. We got tons of stuff! Arms reach co-sleeper, and the SnugRide car seat which I knew about already. My aunt Susan gave us her crib, which is awesome. It's in really good shape, all white, and has a drawer underneath to store stuff it, lots of sleepers and onesies and clothing (all in sizes 3 mo. and up! yay!), tons of receiving blankets, a bunch of fitted crib sheets, baby monitors, dreft laundry detergent, the boppy breastfeeding pillow that I wanted, baby first aid kit, books on breastfeeding and the babies first year, books for the baby (including goodnight moon!), lots of socks, hand mitts, changing pad and cover, a newborn kissaluvs, wet bag, swaddler, and lots of gift certificates and money so we can buy some more stuff from our registry. It was a really great baby shower and I appreciate all that everyone did for us!

Now I'm totally sleepy and I'll have to write part two tomorrow. I'll be up at a decent hour because I have to wait for Continental airlines to deliver our luggage from the airport. Apparently our bag didn't make it onto our connecting flight, our bag with ALL of our new baby stuff (except for the crib, co-sleeper and car seat of course). I knew that was going to happen. At least they deliver it to our house, so hopefully I'll get it tomorrow without any issues.


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elin said...

I'm so sorry you were in so much pain during your vacation! But Thank God it was just a kidney stone!!! I hope you're feeling all better soon.

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