Yesterday I went to Babies r' Us with one of my friends so I could use my gift certificate. She's my friend, and I love her, but I could not stand the "advice" or comments I was getting for everything. I bought washable boob pads, but she was telling me I should get disposable because there are more in the box, and that's what she used to buy. That's all fine and good, but I stay away from disposable everything as much as possible. I don't believe in making extra trash if there doesn't need to be any. Then I was picking out some glass bottles, since I'm going to be exclusively breastfeeding I only bought a 2 pack, which can be used if for some reason I need to pump and someone else needs to feed the baby. She kept picking up thee plastic ones with some kind of nipple and was telling me I should get that cause that's what she would use. She was also saying that she was planning on breastfeeding for a while but she only lasted 3 weeks, so I should be prepared for that. She was telling me how much it hurts and how she just couldn't stand it. Just all this stuff. That's all fine and good, it's everyones personal decision on whether or not they can breastfeed and handle it, but I am determined to breastfeed for at least 9 months, if not longer. I realize things can happen to change that, but I am going to give it all my effort because it's the best thing for the baby. Then we were walking around looking at strollers and bouncy seats and all that fun stuff. Little annoying things like she would show me some stroller that would just be the "type of stroller I needed to get", I just let her know that I already have one picked out on the registry. Then she was telling me that I HAVE to get a swing. I am going to consider it, and I might wait until after the baby is born, but I know a lot of parents who don't use their swings very often, and they use a bouncy chair most of the time. That's just something that I want to wait on because if I can save that money for something else than that's what I will do. We walked by the diaper section and she started picking up some disposable diapers. I told her that I had a brand picked out, and that I was only going to get one package to use just in case, and they didn't have that brand. She started saying that the diapers she were holding were probably fine, but I told her I want to go with the ones I picked out because I got to feel them and look at them and I didn't want to get something that I had no idea what was inside.
It was all little things. She obviously didn't mean anything bad by it, it was just unsolicited advice, and I don't need it because I am extremely happy with the choices and decisions I have made regarding my baby so far.
I wish people wouldn't tell me how breastfeeding is going to be "so hard" or I won't last, or that I won't last with cloth diapers, and I shouldn't get the all natural shampoo because it's more expensive and I could save money with the other stuff. If I want to spend that extra $4 then just let me!


TheGirl said...

i hear ya lady. i am sick of this stuff too. for one thing, breastfeeding is not hard for everyone, my mom had no problem. if you are having problems with pain or producing or lactation, there are lactation coaches who are experts that are there to help you. i know you know all this and i know you are like me, barring complete inability to produce milk you will breast feed.
and just smile and nod at it all. i say things like, "i will take that into consideration" a lot. cause well, they mean well. haha.
but i hear you.
very few people i know have any understanding of going against what is main stream baby stuff...you know you have made well researched choices!

A Baby Peach said...

I totally know how you feel! That annoys me as well - I am like you in a lot of things like that and not many of my close friends agree w/ me. I have a friend that will only use plastic and paper dishes and utencils since her baby was born 12/1 since it's just easier! Drives me nuts!
I saw you were looking for blogs - mine is:

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