Nursery Inspiration

I decided that I no longer want to paint the walls yellow, I'm totally going with this minty green color (pictured in the nursery pictures below). I stole the pictures from ohdeedoh. They just totally encompass what I am going for in the nursery: vintage modern
I think I've given up on a bedding set, I got a lot of fitted crib sheets at the shower, and that's really all that I need. I got tons of receiving blankets, but I bought these amazing muslin swaddling blankets the other day, they were on sale for $25 for 4, normally $45. Perfect for the hot weather because muslin is extremely breathable, and they are larger than any other receiving blankets that I have, so they can be used for much longer, and for other things when I am done swaddling.

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TheGirl said...

I have this nursery bookmarked from when it was posted. I was actually talking to this girl about where she got some things, she is very nice :)

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