25 weeks and counting

I am now officially 6 months pregnant. 3 more to go. That seems like such a long time, but in all reality I guess it's not. 15 more weeks. I remember when I first made a pregnancy ticker and it seems like it was going to take so long for me to even reach the 10 mark, now I feel like it's going to take so long to reach the 40 mark, but it will come fast. Hopefully not too fast, I still have a lot of stuff to do!
I'm going to get my complaining over here now. The things that I could do without are: frequent headaches (sometimes they last for 3 days at a time!), feeling the baby actually kick my bladder, then having to "go pee" right away only to find out I don't actually have to pee. Reverting back to the "Oh my god, is this normal!?" stage, I thought this had gone away when the second trimester got here, but it comes back when you get all the fun new symptoms of pregnancy like weird aches, pains, and cramps. A new set of worries that I never thought I would actually worry about such as pre-term labor and leaking amniotic fluid. While I realize both of these things don't happen all the time, the fact that they CAN is still in my mind. Back pain, kidney stones (I have never had one in my life, but they are easier to get when pregnant, and I was lucky enough to get one), boy do these two things SUCK. I hate not being able to breathe sometimes, and having to roll myself out of bed. I can feel all the weight that I have gained in my stomach and boobs and it makes it that much harder to do things, because it's literally pulling me down in the front. Swollen feet, sore legs. The inability to stand for more than an hour and a half at a time. "Snissing", yes, it's real and it's peeing a little whenever you sneeze, or laugh, or cough, or do anything really.
Now that I have complained I can say that I love feeling my little one moving around and kicking (except when it's my bladder being kicked). Although I can't decipher yet if it's an arm or a leg, it's great being able to feel it at all. I was getting worried earlier in the pregnancy, thinking I would never be able to feel it, but at around 20 weeks it finally started happening.
At some point I do want to have another one, but I think I am going to wait at least 3 years. I am going to need a nice long break from pregnancy after this!

Our car seat and co-sleeper got here today. Our crib should be here within a week or two! That means we gotta get a move on in clearing out and organizing these rooms. I want to at least set the co-sleeper up so I can get rid of the box and figure out how we should arrange the bedroom.
My nesting has surely slowed down for the time being. While I am excited to paint and put the crib together I kind of just want to rest. My body tires very easily lately and if I stock up on rest now I will probably be thankful in a few months when I'm not getting it all that much.

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