So much to do, so little time

I'm going cross eyed and I've only written 6 thank you notes! Maybe I am making them too personalized, but I guess there isn't really such a thing as that. Maybe it feels like a lot because I haven't addressed any of the envelopes yet, and we don't have any address labels for ourselves so I'm writing that out too. I have a few days anyway, and I am still waiting on the final list of who gave me what.

Today has felt like a busy day. I did a little bit of work on the spare room, although it doesn't feel like much. I cleaned the windowsills and windows, took down the nasty hanging fabric and hung up the curtain I made, sans curtain rod which is on our never ending list of things we need to buy. I moved the filing cabinet into the closet, tomorrow I need to measure the closet so I can make a curtain for that. We filled a bunch of bags of clothes and stuff and dropped them off at Goodwill.
After we went to Goodwill we went to Austin Baby to pick up a present for our friends baby shower tomorrow. We got a light pink and a dark pink bumGenius diaper. So cute! Then I made 5 reusable flannel wipes and put them in a pouch with a list of several different wipe solution recipes. Fun fun, I love giving gifts, especially when I made part of it!

This house is driving me crazy right now. Only in the sense that I feel like there are piles and piles of stuff everywhere, and I just feel like the piles keep getting bigger and bigger. I can now spot a layer of dust from a mile away, and I can't go into a room without seeing something I have to tend to right that moment, which usually leads to me doing something else. For example, I went into the bathroom and there was a tiny bit of cat litter on the floor. I grabbed the dust buster to clean it up, but it didn't stop there, I had to vacuum the shower mat, straighten the towels and pick up stuff on the floor. It's like that for everything now. I'm definitely in full force nesting, although sometimes I still just don't want to get up off the couch or bed. Jason better cross his fingers that I don't freak out and start throwing stuff away one day!

The baby will not stop playing soccer with my bladder. I love feeling the little kicks, but I don't so much love feeling my bladder get hit then immediately having to run to the bathroom. Sometimes I don't actually have to pee, but the sensation is so strong.

It's late but I feel like there is so much stuff I should get done tonight. I'm just going to try to chill out and tell myself I can do it tomorrow after the baby shower. Ahh!

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