Food menu and a picture.

Here's the belly at 28 weeks and 4 days! It's changed a lot in these past almost 7 months, and boy can I feel the difference physically now. We just worked on our exercises and the squats are getting harder. They weren't easy to begin with so I definitely have to work on them, but add that belly in and it's a lot of work! I need to start doing my exercises every night. I was good at kegels but then I kind of forget about them sometimes. I have managed to do my pelvic tilts pretty regularly, so that's good at least.

It's time for my menu of food I have eaten today! Let's see what we got.

2 Eggs 71 cal., 12g protein, 5g fat
2 Whole Wheat Toast 160cal., 8g protein, 1g fat
Chocolate Almond Milk 120cal., 2g protein, 3g fat

1 Med. Pear 103cal. 1g protein, 0g fat

2 Bean & Cheese Burritos 300cal., 22g protein, 8g fat

Starbucks Ice Cream 220cal., 3g protein, 13g fat
Bulgarian Yogurt 90cal., 8g protein, 0.5g fat
Kombucha 35cal., 0g protein, 0g fat

Falafel wrap 100cal., 10g protein, 10g fat
Pomegrante White Tea Soda 130cal., 0g protein, 0g fat

Protein smoothie 280cal., 15g protein, 6g fat

Totals for the day: 1609 calories, 81g protein, 46.5g fat

So I managed to get the recommended amount of protein! I also did pretty damn good with the calories and fat. I could probably eat more calories, and I might have a boiled egg after I write this. I'm going to try to keep track of what I eat as often as I can, it's kind of fun. This way I can show my midwife my exact menus if there is ever any concern with my weight.

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A Baby Peach said...

It's so funny how people think they don't get enough protein - even veggies... we often get way more than we think we get or we need. (Most people get WAY too much protein actually)! Have you tried Greek Yogurt? It's so good and has a TON of protein compared to regular yogurt!

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