Maybe baby!

I might not have to be induced!! I hope so anyway! We'll see.
Tonight I noticed a little bit of red streaking when I wiped after I went pee. This happened 3 times, once there was a little bit of mucous. I decided I should call the birth center just to see what was up. The on call midwife was there and she told me to come in so she could check me and see what was going on. I lost the rest of my mucous plug (I think it was the rest, there might be some more hiding). Baby is really, really low in my pelvis, my cervix is very soft, I am 2cm dilated, and I had a contraction while I was there. I had no idea that that was a contraction, so it turns out I have been having sporadic ones for several days now, who knew! So, this baby could very well be coming really soon. This is great news! If it holds out until Friday then we can have our natural birth center birth! I really hope baby does come on it's own, and soon. Cross your fingers for me!


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

my fingers are crossed...good luck.

TheGirl said...

i'm so excited that your body seems to be in sync with your mind and knows it's time.

what does a contraction feel like ?

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