Trying to get things going

I know, I know. I could be pregnant for several more weeks, even though I am having
"signs". Signs don't mean anything, I am just really hoping that this time they DO mean something. I have been taking evening primrose oil daily, drinking red raspberry leaf tea twice a day, black cohosh under my tongue. Walking, a lot! I guess I will know on Wed. if it has made any difference. Hopefully it has, hopefully this baby wants to come out.
We have decided to wait to induce. If I make it to 40 weeks and the baby is still not here then we will move over to the hospital for induction, but I am so close that it is more worth it to wait. If I was going to get induced I would have to go get an amnio to check on the lung maturity, and then the earliest appointment I was able to get with and OB was on the 17th. I made that appointment anyway because we will have to meet her, etc. just in case we do need her for 40 weeks, but I am hoping we don't need her. So, it just makes more sense to wait a couple of weeks. The oncologist told me that if I was his daughter he would tell me to just wait until the due date, but don't go past it. So that made me feel better. The only reason everyone wants to get on this surgery is because it's all a question. we don't know the extent of it and we won't until we have the surgery, the odds are in my favor so I am just trying to think positively about the whole thing. Some people have biopsies and then don't have a consultation with a surgeon for a week or two, and then don't have surgery for 4 weeks after, so the fact that I met with the surgeon one day after I got the results (and I got the results one day after I had the biopsy), and I saw the oncologist less than a week after the surgeon, is all in my favor. I do want to get this all over with sooner rather than later, but I want a healthy baby that is ready to come on it's own (even though I hope it's ready to come like, now). Ugh.

Today we got all of the curtains hung up: kitchen, living room, baby's room. Now every room has curtains. We cleaned up the kitchen, finished all the dishes, set up our new microwave, cleaned the bathroom, got started on laundry. It's all coming together, we just have to do some more work on our bedroom but that will be pretty easy. Our bag is pretty much packed in case I miraculously go into labor anytime soon. We don't have freezer meals, but we canned some beans. Jason will just have to cook a bunch of food. We might also get around to making some more stuff, and we have a microwave now so that will make things a little easier when the time comes.

We started picking out some names. I think we have a girls name pretty much picked out, we'll have to wait to meet the little one though before we actually give it a name. I am secretly hoping it's a girl because I am in love with this name now! It's a little out there, but so are we so it's ok :)

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