Make your own wipes

So for the past two weeks we have been buying Seventh Generation disposable wipes because it's just been easier. With everything that's been going on and adjusting to this new life there's been no time for laundry. Even if there was time for laundry and it got done I have been too tired to even bother with cloth wipes right now, and I am not joking when I say breastfed babies poop 100 times a day.
Disposable wipes are expensive! Especially the chlorine and fragrance free ones. $3.50 for a box of 80. That's just ridiculous, that box last all of what, two days? So we decided to make our own disposable wipes. They are much more all natural than anything that can be bought in the store, therefore better for baby's bottom.
We found a container at Target in the tupperware section that is perfect. It's a cylinder shape with a little hole in the cover, perfect for pulling wipes out through. And the size it perfect for a roll of paper towels cut in half.
We bought some Viva paper towels, they are like pieces of cloth! Super strong and thick. Perfect for wipes. We cut the roll of paper towels in half and removed the cardboard from the middle and put them in the container. Then you mix a solution, there are many different recipes but we used water, Dr. Bronner's lavender soap, and some olive oil. Make sure it's mixed well and then pour the solution over the paper towels and seal the container. Shake it around, let the paper towels soak all of the mixture in. Viola! You now have a ton of homemade, all natural disposable wipes that are insanely cheaper than their pre-made store bought counterpart.


nicoolio said...

So awesome! I have to get that container... I already bought the Dr. Bronner's...

Ya think any of those 7th Generation paper towels would be strong enough? I'm totally going to experiment...

TheGirl said...

i try not to use too many paper towels for everyday use, but i swear by viva! they are all i will buy, great choice for wipes cause they really are like cloth.

we are going to do cloth wipes but i like your wipes solution and i am gonna use that :)

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