My Blackberry broke a few weeks ago, which means I am on the hunt for a new cell phone. I have been temporarily using my broken Sidekick 3 (broken but still works, unlike my Blackberry) but I am over it and want a new phone. I am probably in the minority when I say this, but I want a non smart phone. I want a phone that does not have internet or data plans, but has a keyboard for easy texting. I could get a smart phone and just not get a data plan, but I wouldn't be able to buy a new one from t-mobile because they require data plans with the purchase of a new phone now apparently.
I don't want a data plan because I have the internet at home, I don't need to use it on my phone, and it would save me $30 a month, which really adds up. At this point I also refuse to pay a cell phone company $80+ a month. All I need is 300 minutes with unlimited weekends and unlimited texting.
Anyway, it's proving impossible to find a phone that fits my requirements, so should I try maybe using a normal non smart phone and get used to T9 word again, or should I get a smart phone without a data plan? Any phone suggestions are greatly appreciated!

We got a Playstation 3 last night. Jason wanted one for his birthday. It came with this game called Little Big Planet which is really neat, and has some awesome graphics. It also came with the Blueray version of Wall-E. Now we're going to get another television at some point for the bedroom so he can play video games and I can still watch something without having to make him stop.

National Breastfeeding Week is August 1st - 7th. I plan on breastfeeding in public wherever I go!

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TheGirl said...

people are so rude. i don't have to tell you that people in boston are probably even more rude.
i have had to stand for 30 minutes on a train several times because people will not get up for me. once someone rolled their eyes at me when i asked if i could please sit.
once a man physically shoved me out of the way so he could get on the bus first. like seriously, physically shoved a girl that is 8 months pregnant!

hooray for breastfeeding and an extra tv for when your husband is playing games :)

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