When I go out to eat or to a coffee shop alone I always sit at a smaller table because if I am alone I don't need 4 seats or that much space. If I ever did sit at a big table and saw a larger group of people and there were smaller tables then I would move so they could sit down. Apparently that's just me.
Jason's mom is here visiting and we went out for some food at one of my favorite places. It's a vegetarian coffee shop/cafe, seat yourself, really casual place. We walked around looking for a place to sit. Because we have a 3 week old we waned to sit inside where it was cool so he wouldn't overheat in the 105° Texas heat. Well, we walked around and there were no seat inside. There was, however, a table with 4 chairs around it and only one woman sitting at it with her computer. Now I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first assuming maybe she was meeting some people and needed that bigger table, I mean she HAD to be, especially since there was a table right behind her with only two seats. Surely if she was by herself she would sit there so a larger group of people, perhaps even a larger group of people with an infant (ie: us) could sit there. So we ended up going outside in the shade and all sitting at a table made for two, we just pulled two chairs up so Jason's mom and Elijah could fit.
Eventually after sitting there for a while we realized the girl taking up the 4 top was not meeting anyone, and was indeed hogging this whole table. Elijah was starting to get really hot. I took his onesie off of him and got a wet paper towel to cool his head and back down and I took him inside to the a/c to cool him off for a few minutes, then Jason took a turn and brought him inside to cool him off. I was in the bathroom while he was doing this and I came out just in time to see him asking the girl if she was meeting people or if she was just hogging a table for 4 people, all while holding our sweating 3 week old infant. She replied that she wasn't meeting anyone and would be leaving in a few minutes.
Our food came out, Elijah ate too, and by the time we finished eating the girl inside was just leaving.
Now, this just really pissed me off. What made me even more upset was the fact that Jason said something to her and she didn't even care, the fact that he was holding our sweating, red, and hot 3 week old and still didn't care made me even more livid! Had that been me sitting at that table I would have said something along the lines of "Oh! Why don't you guys sit here, I will go sit at another table." I guess that's just me though.


Nicoolmama said...

Hi! I found you from MDC and am FB friends with you too! It's not just you- that's rude! Some people have no class. I don't envy you in the Texas heat- sending you some cool weather vibes. BTW- your Elijah is a doll!!

nicoolio said...

It's incredible how insensitive some people can be. Mostly I've found that people are way awesomer now that I have a baby, but the occasional retard really can upset a girl's day. Oh, and let me just say here that I hate dangerous drivers even more passionately now. I almost feel like putting one of those ridiculous "baby on board" signs up in my back window... not that it would help. :P

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