In order to save money and waste less food I have started trying to make a menu for the week. I picked out several recipes and went to the grocery store with $100 and managed to get enough ingredients for 7 meals (meals large enough to have leftovers!) and some extra items like snack items and drinks. I also had about $15 left over!
One of the menu items is a crockpot soup. I started soaking a 15 bean mix last night and this morning I put some carrots, celery, red bell pepper, onion, marjoram, thyme, bay leaves and some vegan boullion cubes in the pot and set it to low to cook for 8 hours.
For dinner we had avocado carrot wraps. I bought some fresh corn tortillas from the bakery (69 cents for about 10!). Heat the tortillas up, spread some tahini and put sliced avocados on them. Sautee some carrots and mushrooms in olive oil then put on top of the avocado slices and then top with some salsa. Delicious, and healthy!
Also on the menu this week is a veggie shepard's pie, curry, vegan pesto on pasta, and some bean and brown rice veggie burritos.
We went to this banana stand this afternoon, they sell frozen dipped bananas. Umm, yum! I got a half banana dipped in chocolate and topped with graham cracker crumbles. It was pretty delicious. I think I might get some bananas to cut in half and freeze! I was also thinking that when Elijah is older I can give him a frozen banana as a "junk food" treat. I mean, it's healthy for you! Frozen bananas almost have the consistency of ice cream when you bite into them. The chocolate part isn't that healthy but you could dip it in other things too!

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nicoolio said...

Oh man. We HAVE to do the meal planning around here or the grocery store trips go totally out of control... I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one doing this! I was starting to think I was an old lady!!

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