This past weekend we drove to Oklahoma to visit Jason's family with Elijah. OK is normally a 6 hour drive from Austin, it ended up being about 8.5 - 9 hours with an infant. We had to make several stops so I could feed Elijah but all in all he was great during the car ride and slept a lot of the time. On our way home he got a little bit fussy towards the end but I drove while Jason sat in back with him and vice versa.
Oklahoma was great! Elijah got to meet his great grandmother. We stayed at Jason's dads house and every night it was cool and every day it was in the 80's which is a huge difference from Austin. Elijah barely cried while we were there and ate and slept like clockwork. So we had a great trip and I am looking forward to going and visiting again.

I am making some mango bread right now (yes, at 12:30 at night) and it's making my house smell delicious. I can't wait to eat some!
I am also soaking some beans so I can make some more of the 15 bean soup I made in the slow cooker.
I am really trying to get into cooking and baking again. It's a slow transition, which it should be expected to be with a 9 week old and all, but I am getting the hang of it. Food you make from scratch is also so delicious and it's fun to play around with new recipes. Cooking gets me to eat all sorts of fresh vegetables every day, which is also an added bonus. When I went grocery shopping last time I bought a ton of fresh produce, normally if I buy a ton of stuff a lot of it will go bad, but so far the only thing that's left is a head of cauliflower which I will just cook tomorrow.

In cancer news: my PET scan came back clear. That means that I don't have any cancer in my body right now (anything greater than 1cm anyway). We are going to MD Anderson Thursday night for an appointment on Friday morning to see what they suggest for treatment and if they have any clinical trials for my case. All I know is if there are clinical trials that I could do but they would force me to stop breastfeeding, then I would choose to do the interferon because I can breastfeed if I do that treatment. Interferon is really tough and my oncologist told me that some people drop out before the year is up, but some people do fine. I guess I won't know which category I fall into until I do the treatment. Regardless of what kind of treatment I do it's probably going to suck.

Every day is easier than the last. Today was really great. Elijah and I napped a lot all day and then when we weren't napping I would lay with him on my chest and goof around and he was smiling, laughing, and talking up a storm. It makes me happy to see him happy. He went to sleep perfectly and was hardly fussy when he normally is every night. I hope that there are more days and night like this one!
P.S. my child is 15lbs! At 9 weeks! 15lbs, that's ginormous! I <3 fat babies.

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nicoolio said...

Hey, BTW, we make mashed cauliflower sometimes and it's so delicious! Kinda like mashed potatoes, except we boil the cauliflower with veggie bouillon and then mash it up with some plain yogurt, salt and pepper. NOM!

I'm so glad Elijah is so chunky and cute! And so glad he did so awesome on the trip! Oh and did I mention how excited I am that there was no more cancer found in you??? OK I know there's still more on the road ahead, I'm just sayin'...


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