I am in hearts with this vibrating rocking chair thing that my friend Nicole is letting me borrow for Elijah. I can put him in it for nap time and have him close to me so I can keep an eye on him and he loves the vibration.

We started our nightly routine a few days ago. So far so good. We are NOT putting him on a set schedule, but babies like routines, so we're starting one in hopes that he will go to be at a normal-ish hour. We give him a bath at around 9:30, then I nurse him and if he's not asleep after that then I lay with him for a little bit. He's generally tired around that time anyway, but this way he will start associating bath and nursing at night with bedtime. Last night he slept for about 4 hours! I put him in the co-sleeper to start with and then by the time I am in bed and he wakes up I move him to our bed and fall asleep with him while he's nursing. I am getting really attached to sleeping in bed with him, I don't think I could put him in a crib even if I wanted to!

Tonight I am going out for the first time in almost a year!! My friend Nicole is having a mamas margarita night. Jason is going to watch Elijah while I go have a much needed good time. It will be fun to meet some other mamas too. I don't think I will make it past one margarita until I am feeling a bit tipsy (or drunk). I hate to pump and dump but I have so much milk that it won't really make a difference anyway. I can seriously pump 4 oz. from each breast in one sitting. That's 2 meals right there! I started my freezer stash and so far I have 14 meals for Elijah. I am going to continue stocking up so we can have it if there's ever a need for it.

Our washing machine broke but we just fixed it, thank god. Cloth diapers + no washing machine = not awesome. Jason ordered some $10 part and it did the trick! Thank god for not having to spend money on a whole new washing machine.

I should get going and do some stuff that I normally can't do while Elijah is still asleep!

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