In honor of National Breastfeeding Week here are some photos of me nursing in public.

Oh, but I didn't stop there! Little Elijah got hungry while we were in American Apparel so I started feeding him while I was looking around. Of course no one there cared, they all work half naked anyway! Well, he was still hungry when we weres done looking so I walked down South Congress, nursing him. I'll tell ya, nursing while walking is hard work!

I just took a few minutes to change Elijah's diaper. After I was like "I'm topless, your topless, let's get som skin to skin contact in." Well guess what my reward was? Little baby barf curds all over my chest and in my hair. Yum!

Our washing machine decided that it was going to stop spinning yesterday. Cloth diapers + broken washer = not cool. Then later today Elijah's diaper leaked onto the bed, leaving us with 0 clean sheets, and all of my breast pads are dirty, which means every receiving blanket we had now needs to be washed because I have been shoving them down my shirt to be milk catchers. Plus all the other laundry that needs to be done. Ugh. I hope this washer problem gets resolved soon.

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