In two days my baby will be one month old. I can't even believe it! The time is going by too fast. He's getting to be a chunky little monkey and I am excited about that! He also makes the best faces ever. He's been making these cute little cooing sounds sometimes, mostly while nursing, and he looks around a lot now. He's also getting good at making and keeping eye contact. I can't wait until I see my first little smile. Soon!

I have been experimenting with all different cloth diapers these past couple of weeks. It's been a lot easier because Elijah is pooping less (although he is still pooping all the time). The bumGenius one size diapers are still a bit big on him, but they work. We did have one little accident, but that was when we were n bed and he was laying on his side nursing. The legs are still a little loose unless you fasten the diaper fairly tight. All in all it's been good so far though! I tried prefolds a couple of times, I do like them but for me I don't like them as an all day every day thing. I am glad I have them as a backup for when I am doing laundry and don't have any other diapers, or using the prefolds as doublers. They are really bulky on Elijah. Granted I don't have the newborn sized prefolds, but I think those would be too small for him anyway. I do like the fact that you can use the wrap again if it isn't soiled and just throw the prefold in your bucket. The kissaluvs are already too small. I am going to sell them, I only used them once! They were ok. I am not in love with them, and I am glad I only got two and that they are barely used so I can sell them for a pretty good price.
I am in love with the bumGenius! The smalls fit Elijah really well, and like I said before the OS are a little large, but they work. These diapers have been great for us. They are super convenient like disposables, but they are a lot more gentle on baby skin, and a hell of a lot comfier I am sure! They have been super easy while we are out, and super easy while we are home. Sometimes we use the biodegradable liners in the diapers even though breast fed poop is water soluble and organic, it helps out when he has a big poop! Bac-out spray is also awesome. I don't have any stains and all of my diapers still look brand new even though I have washed them just about every day/every other day.
I am still waiting on the Rump-a-rooz that I ordered. I am excited to try them out, I think they will be awesome, and they will for sure fit Elijah because they have that extra small setting that one size diapers normally don't have.
I do wish I had about 12 more diapers, I have been cutting it close with the stash that I have right now, mostly because newborns DO poop and pee so often. I have about 15 all in ones/one size diapers, 12 prefolds, 3 covers. I'll slowly be building up our diaper stash every time I get a few extra bucks!
I have lost so many breast pads, so many that I now have to wash all of mine every day. I have to constantly change them because I am always leaking. I have an oversupply issue going on. So last night I cut out a bunch of circles of flannel and I am going to make a bunch of my own washable breast pads. That should save me a good amount of money! Hopefully they work out and are absorbent enough, I am going to make them with 6 layers just to be sure.

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nicoolio said...

I dunno if I mentioned it, but I bought myself a little mesh lingerie bag from Target for teeny socks and breast pads. I actually don't lose them now! I put em in there on my way to the shower and put new ones in when I get dressed. Works pretty well, I say!

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