Are you there blog? It's me, Jessica.

It's late. 1:40am late. I am terrible at going to bed early, I just can't do it. Lucky for me Elijah loves to sleep at night (for the most part), and in, so I am fairly well rested.

I think my little guy might be starting his teething. He's been pretty fussy at night, drooling a bunch, gnawing on his hands, and rubbing his upper gums with his tongue. He's 3.5 months old, so it's very possible that this is starting. I was really hoping he would wait until, oh I don't know, 9 months, 10 months, heck I would be ok with a year! With teeth will come biting, I don't like biting, especially biting while he is nursing. Ouch! We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Shutterfly.com - Ah-mazing. If you have a baby, or a child in general, or just love taking pictures and making stuff with them, then you have to get a Shutterfly account. I was told about this b a friend who made and received a free photo book. I like free! So, I signed up and uploaded some photos. They email me promo codes like every two weeks. I got the free photo book one, which I used and is pretty great, and I just used a promo code for 50 free prints. Buying prints through Shutterfly is cheaper than us printing our own, and they look better, all nice and glossy. They have more than just that stuff though! They offer prints in all different sizes: wallets, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, even 20x30! You can make a variety of photo books from very small to very large, and you can choose hardcover, softcover, and how many pages you want. Calendars, posters, key chains, coffee mugs. Oh, and my favorite, holiday cards! I can't wait to order photo Christmas cards this year. I feel like such a mom. So, go sign up for Shutterfly and enjoy free stuff (you only have to pay shipping)!

I am starting to get my creative bug/I want to do things bug back. This is nice. I am going to start out slow, but I really, really, really want to start making stuff to sell in my Etsy shop. I need to make money, and I need a hobby. I am really excited about wool right now. Maybe it's the cooler weather we have been having, but I am in dire need for wool everything. I think I want to try to make some upcycled wool longies from thrifted wool sweaters, all I need is the sweaters, and a tutorial on how to work that magic. Eventually I would love to make some wool sleep sacks, wool overalls, wool, wool, OMG I love wool. I want to felt some wool too! I can make some felted beads, or felted diaper covers. Oh boy, so much fun.

I would also love to make little kids clothing. I have been thinking about it and I want to make stuff that is gender neutral. Think greys, browns, creams, black. Bamboo and organic cotton. Really simple, very mix and match, and perfect for people like me who hate pink and blue.

I need to replace my sewing machine. It's broken. I also would really love a serger. I want the best of both worlds!

P.S. I have now enabled comment posting for ANYONE! You don't need an account to leave comments on my posts anymore. I love to hear what you have to say, so start commenting!


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