Oh hi, I am freaking ADORABLE!

I have been obsessed with knits for babies lately. Seriously, what's cuter than cute than a knit diaper cover and/or hat (well besides babies of course! They win the cute contest by a mile).
I have really wanted to buy some wool diaper covers because I have read so many great things about them, and I really love the way they look. While browsing Etsy I came across two wonderful shops.

The first is Chickyloo Custom Knits. They make these gorgeous, modern and chic diaper covers. They make them in newborn sizing (0-4) weeks, but you can send them a message to have a different size made. They also make great knit hats which are wonderful for photo props. I want to get a knit hat for Elijah for a Christmas photo!

Then I found Click Knits. They have this beautiful chunky knit diaper cover. It just looks so snuggly and soft! So does that baby that's modeling the cover!

I have more to write later, I just wanted to share these wonderful knit creations that I found, and am totally lusting after.


Sandra said...

I love those knits that you posted! Thanks for the links, I will be sure to check out their stuff for my little girl!

Victoria Gazeley said...

My son is only 6, but wow are there a lot more options now for diaper covers than when he was a babe! Makes me wish I had another little one to outfit in such fabulous woollies..

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